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Diamond 35 Watt LED High Power Rechargeable Torch【4 KM Range】

(20 customer reviews)


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Diamond 35 Watt High Power Long Range Rechargeable Torch is a fully automatic, unbreakable and lite weight torch gives a high power long range spot bright focus covering the range of 4.0 KM (4000m). It is one of the best long range torch light in Diamond 4 KM Range Torch Segment.

Diamond 35 Watt High Power LED Torch Light works longer and does not get weaker early. It is a waterproof torch which give the bright spot light upto 4.0 KMs range. After fully charged (Approx. 10Hrs charging) it functions for 18hrs in full light and 20hrs in dim light. It has 2 Light Modes: Strong & Lite. It comes with solid ABS material body having water resistant quality that do not allow water cause any disturbance to the battery. It’s strong enough for outside workers as well as its handy enough for people to use home.


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Diamond 35 Watt High Power Rechargeable Long Range Torch are designed as unbreakable and light in weight so that there is no issue about handling it with more care as it is difficult to break and easy to carry to places. If you are looking for 10 km range torch price or 5 km range torch price in India then this is the torch which can makes you happy.

This is one of the best 4 km range rechargeable torch which gives spot bright focus covering the range of 4.0 KM (4000m). It is also called as the Long Range Torch Light and 4 KM Long Range Torch Light. It has stylish appearance which is handy in use and also durable. The torch comes with dual functionality i.e. Strong & Dim. In Strong mode, the torch will work for 18hrs continuously and in Dim mode, the torch will work for 20hrs continuously. This 4 km range torch has a strong ABS Material Water Resistant Body Cover that do not allow water cause any disturbance to the body. It’s strong enough for outside workers as well as it’s handy enough for people to use home.

Model NameDiamond 35 Watt LED Long Range Rechargeable Torch
Model NumberDT-35W
LED35 Watt Ultra Bright Long Life & Long Range LED
Spot Light Range4000 Meters (4 KM)
LED Life100,000 Hours
Luminous efficiency80-90 Lumen per watt
Battery4v 12000mAh Dry Battery (Maintenance Free)
Charging Period10 Hours For Full Recharge
Battery Backup18hrs in Full Mode & 20hrs in Lite Mode
Battery Recycles700 Times
Self Discharge3 Months (Protection Period)
Light ModesStrong & Dim
Circuit Guarantee12 Months
Battery Guarantee6 Months

Diamond 35 Watt 4 km Long Range Torch

  • To turn “ON” the handle torch press the ON/OFF button of the handle torch once. To increase the power of the LED of increase the brightness of the handle torch press the ON/OFF button of the handle torch one more time i.e. twice. To turn “OFF” the handle torch press the ON/OFF button of the handle torch one more time i.e. trice.
  • To change the handle torch plug the charging pin of the charger (provided with the package) in the battery charging jack given at the back of the handle torch and then plug 220V round pin of the charger in any standard 220V AC power socket and turn ON the main power, it will change the handle torch
  • There is small red collar LED indicator on the charger indicating the status of the charge. Once fully charged, unplug the charger from the socket and turn OFF the main power
  • Do not charge the handle torch for more than 8 hours to protect the life cycle of the rechargeable battery inside the handle torch
  • Charge the handle torch only in OFF position or else it may damage the LED’s of the handle torch
  • Avoid looking directly into the LED as it has strong beam and keep it safe from children
  • One can use portable stand attached at the bottom of the handle torch to give direction to the strong light beam coming out of the handle torch in a particular angle (45 Degrees to 90 Degrees) when switched on the handle torch without holding the handle torch in hand or in person.


Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 15 cm


Model Number





35 Watt Ultra Bright High Power LED

Spot Light Range

4000 Meters (4 KM)

LED Life

100,000 Hours


SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)


4v 12000mAh Dry Battery (Maintenance Free)

Charging Period

10 Hours For Full Recharge

Battery Backup Time

18hrs in Full Light, 20hrs in Dim Light

Battery Recycles Periods

700 Times

Self Discharge Protection

3 Months

Light Modes

Dim, Strong


ABS, Water Resistant


Battery Cover For Easy Battery Replacement, Charger, Detachable Power Cable, Heavy Belt, Heavy Water Resistance Body, Overcharge Trickle Cut Off, Push Button Switch

Circuit Guarantee

12 Months

Battery Guarantee

6 Months

20 reviews for Diamond 35 Watt LED High Power Rechargeable Torch【4 KM Range】


    I bought this light in August of last year. I have kept it in a container on my boat ever since. We happen to have found our self lost a few nights ago in our boat. Both of our phones were dead and we could not gps. I went through all the flashlights and batteries and could not find one to work until I put this baby on. Not only was it still charged from a year prior we were able to use it to charge our cell phones. Literally saved our lives!

  2. Charlieglula

    Awesome Light

  3. Jignesh

    Perfect for outdoor use.. coverage is very long n extremely bright… Battery backup is also awesome.

  4. Mr Patel

    I wasn’t too sure when I got this. It is well built but very light. I was afraid the battery would not last long. However it works great. It is extremely bright and the batter definitely lasts a long time.

  5. Mr Jagjit

    Very happy with this light! Works perfect, as good or better then the spot light its replacing. Very light to handle. I would buy again.

  6. Mr Kanuga

    Very well build and Awesome Range of the light. Bought what I actually needed. Thank you Diamond Torch for making such an awesome Torch Light.

  7. Shubham

    This is just can use it in forest trekking/ hiking, searching.. it is so powerful.
    You can see in urban zones anyway beyond that..very very bright.. battery endurance is also great. You can use as car head light in case of emergency… No jokes. The best torch light I have ever seen

  8. Chetan Chauhan

    I am so pleased with this searchlight!! I purchased the light to be able to see coyotes at night. I want to protect my dogs from them before I put them in at bedtime. This light lets me see way off.

  9. Ajit Patil

    I really like this product and it is everything it claimed to be. The light is well built and throws a very bright light and large area is illuminated. I would definitely buy it again if needed

  10. M Farook

    It is same as described in the features. Light is very bight with three options. Battery backup is just awesome. Light’s focus covers long distance enough.totally it is worth buying. Very useful to farmers.

  11. Sanjoy Kr Roy

    What a great lantern. Very bright, surprisingly light. No heavy battery inside. Holds a charge a long time. Only minor dislike is the on/off switch is embedded so hard to turn on and off. I’m sure this is to prevent accidentally turning it on, but it’s awkward. Am ordering a second one.

  12. Harpinder Singh

    The product has been very useful, durable and consistent in its performance for quite a long time. Its been more than 8months I bought this and never had an issue with its performance.
    It’s all about the product, you require a high range light and you should expect it to be a bit heavy because it contains a rechargeable battery I’m it. That isn’t a concern you should bother about. Product in this segment, I felt this one is lighter compared to its substitutes.

  13. Charan Kumar

    I have purchased two of these lights in the past few years. Light #1 is still working as well as the day I first received it and light #2 is a gift for my dad after he said he wants a very bright light for looking up into the tree lines at night in the country.
    I live in the woods and have Purchased a handful of flashlights in the past few years and this is the best of the bunch. It is quick and easy to recharge and the charge lasts a long time.

  14. Mahendra Reddy Manda

    This lantern is an excellent buy and has been extremely useful in a variety of applications. In addition to an incredibly bright light and great battery duration, an alternate switch provides illumination of the area below the lantern. It is incredibly bright! Super light, and no expensive batteries to replace! A great deal!

  15. Jugal Amin

    While everyone at our camping trip was able to light up in front of them, I was able to light up all around and all the way down the street. The best light you can buy.

  16. Ganesh kumar

    At first I didn’t believe the details given but after receiving the flashlight I was impressed with the performance. The package was delivered in good packing.
    The brightness is excellent.
    I am a person who is always in search of good flashlights. I am obsessed with it. I have been searching for another piece of the same flashlight.

  17. Vinayak Kulkarni

    This is the best flashlight that I’ve ever owned! Our neighborhood is acre lots with wildlife running through it, so I wanted something powerful when I took the dogs out at night. The first night I saw foxes at the end of the lot (that is almost the other side of a football field. My neighbor called the next week and asked what spotlight I was using because it lit up his bedroom (almost 2 football fields in distance). I’m more than satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend it.


    This is the first large rechargeable flash light I have, and after a few times of usage, I really like it. The light is pretty bright, and able to do a long enough range (light bean is long range enough to shoot all the way from one end of a dark attic to the other end, and still bright).
    My main usage is to use it on the attics where no light was install, and this is so handy.

  19. Amit Parikh

    I have heard other claims of being the best flashlight on the market but this guy proves it. Believe me I’ve ordered them all. I was highly skeptical when I first got it. It’s so light yest soooo bright. Got it on 9:9/20 and 12 days later it’s stil shines as bright as the first day. No way my others could do that. It’s also so versatile that you use it so much more often. The highest compliment I can off is to order another. This one won’t sit in a drawer like the others do

  20. Aryan J

    I was expecting a very bright flashlight. It is brighter than I had expected. Not only does it brighten up the surrounding area it also has a beam of light that literally blew me away. With this light I could act as a Lighthouse.
    I own one of those ‘tactical’ flashlights with a LED, I use it while taking my dog Nephi for an evening walk I was really impressed with it, this new flashlight is much much better. In addition it’s a true white bright light as oppose to the light that have a yellow hue to them.
    Not only does it light the surroundings area with it’s wide angle at the same time the beam,WOW!, I aimed it at a tree 3 blocks away and could easily see each leaf again I could direct planes on a run way with it!!!
    If you are looking for a flashlight without spending a lot of money this is the one.
    I’m telling you I am more than satisfied, I wish I owned stock in this manufacturer.

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