Diamond 63 LED Emergency Light

We render the best quality of Rechargeable LED Emergency light. Diamond 63 LEDs Emergency Light which intake long-life and maintenance free Lead Acid battery of high capacity as 3200mAh. Fitted battery come with 300 times charging and discharging recycle life.

Diamond 63 LED Emergency light includes with various benefit covering high-light, long-life and high-power. It is also energy-saving as per clients satisfaction.

This emergency light gives you the propensity of both high light and dim light.



  • 63 PCs of ultra bright multiple chip led with Quadruple Function provide
  • LED Life - 1,00,000 + Hours (No need to Replace led Again)
  • Bonus 100 Times longer than normal torches
  • 300+ Hours of Pleasant Light
  • A Transformer (SMPS)
  • Four maintenance free Dry Battery (4v 1.5ah) (6 months fully replacement guarantee)
  • Battery recycles period: 400 times
  • Charging period: 5 hours for full recharge
  • Self discharge protection period: 8 months
  • Heavy duty wiring
  • Plastic stand (Sliding)
  • Strong ABS Body
  • Overcharge trickle cut off
  • Water resistant and shock proof
  • Charging facility with Replacement Wire
  • Area covers: 450 Sq. Feet. (News Paper readable)

Key Features:

  • To take use of high range light of 63 LED emergency light scroll button to upper side and while in taking use of low range of 63 LED light bring the button to lower gear.
  • LED emergency can work for 4-5 hours after getting fully recharge in first gear and when you use emergency light in second gear it will work for 7-8 hours.
  • Led last Practically for a life time and it burns for 8 hours with single time charge of 10 hours.
  • You can leave it for several days and even after 10 days you can still read a newspaper in the dark.

Directions for use:

  • When you charge emergency light, please see to it that cable is connected with hole into AC outlet of emergency light, than take use of power socket and insert cable of AC plug into AC 90~240v power socket, and charging indicator turn on automatically to show the charging process.
  • 63 Led emergency light can work for 5 hours after getting fully recharge in first gear and when you use emergency light in second gear it will work for 8 hours.
  • There is an also small indicator near by the ON/OFF button indicates the status of charge.
  • Charge the torch only in OFF position or else it may damage the LEDs.
  • Emergency light should be used and charged frequently. In every 3months one should charge the battery for 15 hours.